2016 New Alchemy Contest Winner and Finalists

We at  Permafrost  are  pleased to announce that our winner for the 2016 New Alchemy Contest is Amy Jo Trier-Walker!  Her cut-up collection, which includes “Go Nowhereing,’ “A Lost Hand,’ “Medicine-Say,’ “Better-Day Pile,’ and “Catching-Basket Day,’ demonstrates the type of craft that takes joy in risk, and we are so excited to have her gorgeous, experimental, genre-bending work represented in our magazine.

As the winner of this contest, she will receive $500, publication in  Permafrost‘s summer and winter issues, and a feature on our blog!

We also would like to congratulate the finalists of this contest, whose work was an honor to judge. We want work that challenges us as readers and literary citizens, and these artists and writers submitted work that pushed us over the edge (and with such grace!).

Matthew Burnside — “Totemis Verbis’

Greg Geis — “Why I read the National Enquirer’ ;’Life: The Director’s Cut’ ; “On Reading Yehuda Amichai at Mr. Carwash’ ; “The Great American Songbook’ ; “Resume’

Priscilla Kinter — “Weather Report’

Brenda Peynado and Micah Dean Hicks — “Building, Breaking Houses’

Linda Davis — “Choose Your Own Adventure’

These pieces will be included in our summer issue and featured on our blog throughout the late summer and fall. Keep your eye out for these fierce works of New Alchemy.

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