Congratulations to our 2017 winner and  finalists!


Poetry Book Prize Winner:  Woman Prime  by Gail DiMaggio


Finalists (in alphabetical order by author name):

Disciple by Tyler Gillespie

Undoll by Tanya Grae

Inland Empire  by Leah Huizar

The Rose Engine by Cindy King

The Genealogy of Fire by Mary Kovaleski Byrnes

Ode to the Earth in Translation by George Looney

In the Room of Thirsts & Hungers by Indigo Moor

Calling the Dusk Home by Cody Smith

Was Body by Billie Tadros

Decoding Sparrows Mariano Zaro



The final judge for this contest will be Jericho Brown.

For more information about our judge, please visit his website at


The Permafrost Book Prize in Poetry welcomes manuscripts from any writer, including non-US citizens, writing in English. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but we ask that you notify us immediately if your manuscript is accepted for publication elsewhere. No past or present editorial staff members of Permafrost or the University of Alaska Press or current faculty or student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks will be eligible for the prize.

Where to Send

Send all submissions through our Submittable page:

When to Send

The deadline for submitting is Jan. 15, 2017.


We prefer that manuscripts are at least 50 pages long.

All entries will be read anonymously. The author’s name should not appear on the manuscript. Please include two cover pages: one listing only the title of the manuscript, and the other listing the author’s name, address, telephone number, and email address. An acknowledgements page listing the publication history of individual poems may be included, if desired.

Electronic submissions only. Hard copies will not be considered.

Entry Fee

Contest entry fee is $20.


Winners will be notified by May 15, 2017

Criteria and Code of Ethics

The criteria for choosing final manuscripts will be the best work submitted.

As a member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP), the Permafrost book prize contest carefully follows the CLMP guide for ethical contests by providing clear contest guidelines and a published transparency of process. The series will ensure that all manuscripts are submitted to judges and reviewers anonymously to avoid conflicts of interest.

Selection Process

The Book Series Coordinator will track all manuscripts and prepare to send them to initial screeners who will read and rank manuscripts. During the first two years, the Coordinator duties will be shared by the Permafrost Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor. The initial screeners may consist of UAF graduate students, adjuncts, faculty, and appropriate community writers including UAF MFA graduates. Screeners will provide a list of top three choices and three alternatives. The top three from each reader in each genre will then be read by the Series Editorial Staff (comprised of Book Series Coordinators, Series Editors, Permafrost Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor and Permafrost Faculty Advisor) and narrowed to between 6-12 manuscripts. These manuscripts will then be forwarded to 2 advisory board members in each genre, who will comment on each manuscript and award ten points as they see fit. These comments and the finalists will then be forwarded to final judge.

For questions, email