Located at 64° 50′ N, 198 miles from the Arctic Circle, Permafrost Magazine is the farthest north literary journal for writing and the arts.

We’re proud of Permafrost’s forty years as interior Alaska’s foremost literary magazine.

Founded in 1977, Permafrost is housed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks MFA program, and run by dedicated creative writing graduate students. We publish a winter online issue as well as a spring print issue, both of which feature compelling poetry, fiction, and literary nonfiction by established writers and new voices alike.

In Alaska, our unique environment shapes our perspective, but Permafrost seeks original voices from all over the world.

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Here in Fairbanks, AK, isolation is part of the fabric of everyday life. In fact, we at Permafrost have made art of seclusion already. This distance with which the whole world now grapples, however, has been heartbreaking, but it hasn’t blinded our sight to the lights dancing in our night sky. In this Winter issue, we bring you more weird and wonderful works which blur the boundaries of genre and capture the essence of the distinctive, vast, and colorful sky under which this issue was curated. These pieces—we hope—find you stargazing, creating, dreaming. May these words transport you, wherever you are, into their light.

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Explore print issues of Permafrost dating back to 2012, and order copies of your favorites. Back issues of Permafrost can be purchased for $5 each through our Submittable website – just have the issue and volume number you’re interested in handy.