Since 2014, Permafrost Magazine has held an Annual Book Prize contest for the best  manuscript (genre alternating each year). The winner of the contest receives $1000.00 and publication through the University of Alaska Press. Each year, the book prize genre alternates through poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Here are the winners from previous years:

2014 (Poetry) – Adam Tavel,  Plash and Levitation

2015 (Fiction) – Becky Hagenston,  Scavengers: Stories

2016 (Nonfiction) – Anand Prahlad,  The Secret of a Black Aspie

2017 (Poetry) – Gail C. DiMaggio,  Woman Prime

2018 (Fiction) – Roger Wall,  During-the-Event

2019 (Nonfiction) – Shena McAuliffe,  Glass, Light, & Electricity  

2020 (Poetry) – Sara Ryan, I Thought There Would Be More Wolves

Also, we hold a hybrid contest each year, The New Alchemy Contest, seeking work that pushes boundaries in both form and content. The winner of that contest receives $500.00, publication in the summer web issue, and a featured interview on the website. Finalists receive publication in the summer web issue.

Check out our rapidly approaching contest for 2021! Fame and fortune, folks.