Issue 43.2


Catalogue of Sorrows #6 – Nadia Arioli (Cover Art)

“Like the best art,” (Whitehead 79) – Gina Moriarty

12 Ways of Looking at a Sunflower – Brianna Pike

The Boy Who Invented Me – Ann Russell

Still Dreaming & Elsewhere – Michelle Askin

Veneration – Shannon Bowring

Baby, Where Am I & If You Bury a Woman Let Her Have Her Tongue – E. Kristin Anderson


Swimming Lessons – Christen Kauffman

Fox Squirrel – Harli James

Dear Pygmalion & Dear Galatea – Danielle Cadena Deulen

Your Rapist Trends on Twitter – Danielle Shorr

Regresa – Mehrul Bari S. Chowdhury

Deer: A Pathology – Rebecca Valley


Cigarette – Cynthia Atkins

Lost and Found – E.H. Jacobs

February 8th & April 16th – Ann Pedone

The Climbing – Michael Brosnan

[Voicemails in Slow Dissociation] – Judy Xie

After Sappho – Charles Gabel


Cantor Rose – Federico Federici

From a North American Field Guide Bought for a Birthday Never Give: Rodentia – Emma DePanise

As the West Coast Burns – Hannah Dierdorff


Duo – David Swartz

Kith – Anne Duncan

Masters of Sex – Robert Long Foreman

The Dis(re)membering – Maren Loveland

Inside the Lines & Ersatz Lamplighter – Weston Cutter

Loop – Imitaj Alom

Labor – Kevin O’Connor

carry on

Four Poems – Andrew Robin

At the Top of the Nowhere Staircase – Emmy Newman

Hazy – Sara Greenslit

Shadowtalk – Thad DeVassie

After 3 Days – Jonathan Greenhause

Felt – Robert Jackson

The Mayor of Buckfield – Nicholas Plasmati