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Permafrost Issue 34.2

Permafrost Issue 34.2 — Spring 2012  Online


Alison Hicks,  “Centrifuge,’ “Wishbones,’ and “Woman in the Leaves’
Liz Robbins, “[the scorpion]’
David James, “The Playwright’s Nightmare’
Sasha West, “The Interior Paramour sends a telegram, sinks a time capsule, sings’
Brad Johnson, “Cat in the Trash’
Christine Hope Starr, “Either Way, It Happens’
J. Matthew Boyleston, “In Back of the Hog Parlor’
Nancy Botkin, “Just the Facts’
Marc J. Frazier, “Adam’ and “August Again’
Linda Taylor, “Grail’ and “Stillness, and Seeds’
David Clisbee, “Rocking Chair’


Kevin Corbin, “The Anywhere Diner Specials’
Alfredo Franco, “The House in Lewisville’
Walter B. Levis, “Diagnosis of a Teenager’


Joel Isaak, “Glass Mask’ and “Salmon Skin Figure’


Heather Stewart, An interview with  Nick Courtright and a review of  Punchline
Aaron Bauer, An Interview with G. C. Waldrep and a review of  Your Father on the Train of Ghosts
Ryan Ragan, “Provisional Realities,’ an interview with Nick Lantz