2019 New Alchemy Contest

Swarm – Mary Haidri & Melissa Gordon  *New Alchemy Contest Winner

she considers her question in fragments of verse – Laylage Courie

The Tree of Abandoned Beehives – Kevin Kaiser

7 Excerpts from TANAGRAMS, a Sequence – Katrina Roberts


Affection – Chad Hanson

Love Me Not, Composure, & Before I Knew Your Name  – Brittany Kiefer

31-32 – Edward Lee

Erykah Badu – Mario Loprete


The Hungers – Sionnain Buckley

Diner Dialogue – Janis Butler Holm, Bett Butler, Joël Dilley


Trajectories – Daniel Bourne

I see her ghost nowadays & When did the bow begin to quiver? – Sherdes Leona

post-card home – Grace Covill-Grennan

Geas & 1998 Winter Blackout – Zachary Johnston

Avoiding the Dishes – E. Thomas Jones

Stillborn – Kelan Nee

I wake to sunlight climbing the walls – Eliza Rotterman

that war – Elizabeth Sackett

Broken Sconce & Memory of Sheep Rustling  – Felicia Zamora


Casualties of the Vainglorious – Kerry Donoghue

An Invisible Chain – Sharon Hashimoto

Boram – Mark L. Keats


Washed – Sara Brown

The Highest Mountain in the World – Brian Laidlaw

Faux Scientific Data: An Excerpt from Spare – Michelle Lewis

Another Word for Dive is Sound – Mandy-Suzanne Wong