Return to Permafrost 41.2

She considers his question in fragments of verse

by Laylage Courie

(New Alchemy Finalist)

Laylage Courie is a writer and maker of things from words. Her latest “thing” is the radio-play/concept album these fountains rare here about a woman’s quest for deep, peculiar springs. It’s available on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play…and as a CD. Her work has appeared on stages all over New York, in Fence, The Exposition Review, Adbusters, international performance journals, as a finalist for the Jane Chambers award for feminist performance text, and more. To experience whatever new, strange, word-full thing she makes next (probably going to be a climate-crisis video with polar bear unicorns and marching trees), join the mail list at, or follow @laylage on Instagram.