“Stitch” by Bryce Berkowitz
“Evidence” by Shawn Campbell
“Adscape” by Craig Chanin
“When to Trust the Sky” by Shebana Coelho
“Empire Allergies” by David Colosi
“Yes” by Dani Dunckley
“Earl and Paula at the End of the World” by Ryan Goodwin
“He Kept Moving” by Mitch Zigler



“The Case of the Possibly Poisoned Cake” by David Schweidel



“Cante Jondo” by Paul Dresman
“5 poems” by Sarah Escue
“5 Found Word Collage Poems” by J.I. Kleinberg
“Mary” by Carlene Kucharczyk
“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Paloma Negra” by Antonio Lopez
“Voodoo Deposition” by Gleah Powers
“Ice,” “Mirth,” “Misery 201,” and “Noonlight” by Sarah J. Sloat
“Stigmatized Disclosures” by Masha Sukovic


New Alchemy Finalists

“Wendigo” by Ava Bergen & Jakin Rintelman
“The Last Will and Testament of Harry B. Balsagna” by AJ Cunder
“Fuse” by Tania De Rozario and Lynn Lu
“Kim Story” by Stephen Gutierrez
“Like a Dead Person the Moon” by John Langfeld
“Brumal” by Ian Maxton
“User Reviews of Medications” by Jeff Pearson
“Invasive Species” by Roe Sellers
“SN 1572” by Bruce Van Noy



“Calmivin ©,” “La marea montante,” and “Rocketboy” by Daniel Aristi
“Music to My Ears” by Scott Banks
“Skylark” by Bryce Berkowitz
“Abecedarian for the English Language,” and “Letter from a Hungry Ancestor” by Daniel Blokh
“A Lack of Lustful Inclinations,” “Southern, Belled.,” “A Life Constructed Disappears,” and “Sunday Schooled” by Emma Bolden
“My Last Beatitude” by Zoë Brigley
“blood seed, east wind,” and “dream with fox” by Abigail Chabitnoy
“After the Call from the Night Nurse,” and “My Mother Paints Her First Picture at 90” by Adam Chiles
“summer elegy” and “romanticizing” by Charlotte Covey
“Night Vision Scanning Techniques” by Mike Crossley
“A Little Something to Dance to” by Fred Dale
“golem” by Garrett De Temple
“Where Something Has Been” by Danielle DeTiberus
“Cant of Mardi Gras,” and “What do I know about swans?” by Aran Donovan
“A Bullfighter Waits with Perfect Hands” by Frankie Drayus
“Dear Outer Space,” by Keith Mark Gaboury
“Convictions: Slavery after Slavery” by David Gewanter
“Denim Lemonade as Lethal Injection” by Henry Goldkamp
“the dream,” and “the ice” by Carolyn Guinzio
“St. Agatha and My Mother’s Mastectomy,” and “Only” by Emma Hyche
“Piñata in the Marching Band” by Paul Jolly
“Burrito Bigger than a Wrecking Ball,” and “Pizza Through the Ages” by Tom Kelly
“Teacher” by Lisa Lewis
“On the Creation of Adam” by Ellyn Lichvar
“Graft” by Kate Lindroos
“Charlie Parker” by Ray Liversidge
“If the Brain Is Skin Folded In” by Regina Marie
“Transmission” by Kat Moore
“[quality time],” “Control Sample is Gaslit,” and “Headcase Economics” by Jessica Morey-Collins
“Tangential” by Irene O’Garden
“Yoga,” and “The List” by Tanner Pruitt
“The Visitation” by Billy Reynolds
“Aileen Wuornos” by Jonathan Riccio
“On Turning Thirty” by Britney Scott
“Rouault, End of Autumn” by James Wyshynski



“Guardians” by Linda Laino
“Evolution” by Sandeep Kumar Mishra
“Platter from my Indigestion Series” by Ian Park
“Just Like Grandma’s” by Ian Park
“The Alta Club Building, Salt Lake City” by Rebecca Pyle
“Leaving Home” by Louis Staeble
“What is it like to be a bat?” by Chloe Watson
“Nature and Tales” by Carol Wellart