“The Torino Scale” by  Ashely Adams
“Totidem Verbis” by  Matthew Burnside
“Choose Your Own Adventure” by  Linda Davis
“Why I read the National Enquirer” by D.G. Geis
“Life: The Director’s Cut” by D.G. Geis
“On reading Yehuda Amichai at Mr. Carwash” by  D.G. Geis
“The Great American Songbook” by  D.G. Geis
“Resume” by D.G. Geis
“What’s Comin’ Atcha” by  Dan Gutstein
“Raising Houses, Breaking Houses” by  Brenda Peynado and Micah Dean Hicks
“Weather Report” by  Priscilla Kinter
“Body Shape” by  Zach Linge
“Incarnations” by  CJ Spataro
“The Time I Listened to Nothing but Warren Zevon for One Year Straight” by  Kelly Lynn Thomas
“[still]” by  José Vadi
“Go Nowhereing” by Amy Jo Trier-Walker, Winner of the  New Alchemy Contest
“The Rainbow Pig’ by Barrett Warner
“Snow If You Melt for Me, I’ll Give You Something’ by Barrett Warner
“The World Is Larger Than My Suffering (But Not Much)’ by Barrett Warner



“To Taste or See”  by  Sammi LaBue
“That Old Pitchfork and Fire Urge”  by  George Looney
“Thirty Years after Thirty Years After”  by  Jim Meirose
“The Urban Druid Lives His Life in What He Begrudgingly Believes is the Best of All Possible Worlds”  by  Harmony Neal
“Uncle Bob”  by  Caleb Tankersley



“Hong Kong” by  Stephen Behrendt
“Dissection” by Colleen Burner
“Scapegoat” by Mary Christensen
“Burial Rites” by  Mary Christensen  
“May Evening” by Noah Davis
“The Woman Who Eats the River” by Noah Davis
“Emily as a Float on the Skin” by  Darren Demaree
“Emily as Forming Knuckles” by Darren Demaree
“Emily as Red and White and Yellow and White” by Darren Demaree
“Down Fell the Doves” by Joshua Morgan Folmar
“When I Can’t Sleep” by  Joshua Morgan Folmar
“Bearings” by  Sarah Giragosian
“Eventually Iguanas” by  Sarah Giragosian
“If I Were Your Sister and You Were a Bird and All the Wolves Were Buried and Dead” by Sarah Giragosian
“History of a Body” by Sarah Giragosian
“When the Horseshoe Crab Grieves” by  Sarah Giragosian
“The Yahrtzeit Candle” by  Kirk Glaser
from “Ligertown” by Susan Goslee
“I Am The Tin Boy, Yes It’s True” by Jennifer Hanks
“The key to open up tomorrow is reality’  by Jennifer Hanks
“The Tin Boy is Butch AF” by Jennifer Hanks
“I’m not kissing girls who have to get / blitzed / to touch me”  by Jennifer Hanks
“Grandmother, this fish tattoo is the only thing keeping me alive”  by Jennifer Hanks
“How Can You So Quickly Forget?” by  Rich Ives
“Division” by  Alyssa Jewell
“Our Sister, Valentine’s Day” by Jerry Johnston
“Cleaning Brook Trout” by  Jerry Johnston
“Silver As It Is Golden” by Esther Lin
“Revelation” by  Esther Lin  
“Work Horse in the Rain” by  Robert Malloy
“A Way To Live With Lightning Without The Coming Storm” by  Daniel Edward Moore
“Summoning the Portal” by  John A. Nieves
“Fundamentals of Home Defense” by  Elizabeth Onusko  
“Exquisite” by  Leila Ortiz
“Terror’s Middle Name is Laughter” by  Dan Pinkerton
“HGTV” by  Frederick Pollack  
“Five Poems” by  John Sibley Williams
“Dot Learns the Problem with Naming the Animals’ by Erin Elizabeth Smith
“Dot Finds the Ghost Cocks” by Erin Elizabeth Smith
“The First Night in the New House” by Erin Elizabeth Smith
“Dot Dreams of Austin Again” by Erin Elizabeth Smith
“Five Poems” by Twixt
“Love in Four Elements” by Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer
“Suburban Diatribe” by  Audrey Walls
“While Breastfeeding My Newborn Daughter, I Watch Tarantino Movies” by  Audrey Walls
“Hollow” by Audrey Walls
“The Neighbors are Nudists” by Audrey Walls


“Pallets” by  Brian Michael Barbeito
“untitled” by  Brian Michael Barbeito
“Detroit Afternoon” by  Michelle Brooks
“Renaissance Renewal: A Bouquet” by  Allen Forest
“Walks of Life” by  Henry Hu
“iceblink” by  A.G. Moore
“Shadows in the Doorway”  Michael Weidman
“Water Canvas” by  Michael Weidman
“Dripping Up Yellow” by  Kobina Wright