Cover Image by Isabel Miller

Featuring: 2020 New Alchemy Contest Winner – Monica Ong

I. Perseus

Mi Shebeirach for Miami; or, Magic City Lockdown – Jen Karetnik

How to Divine Poetry – Kameron Ray Morton

The Word You Should Never Say – David Starkey

/ myul /as in “a mewl of clouds” – Mary Buchinger

Xenolith – Nathaniel Youmans

Woolly – Brittney Corrigan

Free Throw Evaluation of Mom & Safety Information for a New Marriage – Ashley Memory

Words for My Daughter After Watching Her Dance to ‘Girls’ – Dante Di Stefano

II. Cassiopeia

University of Detroit: A Brief Memoir With Basketball and Poetry – Cal Freeman

Sensation Seeking Behavior – Carolyn Orosz

You and Me – Seth Gleckman

Afternoon Meditation – Natasha Deonarain

Microcosm – Grace Wagner

Colony Collapse –  R.S. Wynn

III. Draco

On the Shore of the Sea of Songs – Kelly Kiehl Davis

True Paths – Kathryn Smith

KIDS WITH NO RELIGION – Elana Lev Friedland

The Night (After Psalm 2) – James Miller

Allecto and How Great is Our God! – Casey Epstein-Gross

Another Dream of Death and Born Again in the Light of Self – Brandi George

IV. Andromeda

The Man Who Loved Cribbage – Sharon L. Dean

You Could Become Land – Rebecca Young

The Coyote – Grace Wagner

IT WAS NOBODY – Stephen Massimilla

Dream Catch – Jeff Tigchelaar

What Is It Like to Live in a Body? – Trenton Pollard

V. Pegasus

resources – Tess Fahlgren

The Manna – Tyler Wells Lynch

Prospects for Survival – Kathryn Smith

ghost tour – Patrick Kindig

Firn – Claire McQuerry

Being Afraid Isn’t Enough – Gary McDowell

Reckoning – Greg Emilio

VI. Cygnus

i loved someone who loved stupid things – Laura Brun

Black Trees Whose Names You Never Wanted to Know – Richard Widerkehr

I can’t remember if she liked broccoli – Leah White

Elevation – Alfredo Lafarga

Given – Liza Katz Duncan

Discarnate – Melanie Sevcenko

Mitosis Lullaby – Robert Evory

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