Permafrost Issue 40.2– Summer Playlist

This summer we’ve been moving and grooving so bad we decided to treat you with these sweet, sweet, recordings of some of our favorite readings from the summer issue. Like a fine wine we’ve paired the good and the great, the white with the ocean and the red with the steak. Take a juicy bite, turn the volume up to ten, and get ready to experience Permafrost 40.2.


Read On:  “Edward Simms, Inventor of the Chair,”  “After a difficult conversation, a walk,”  “Modern Cosmology,” “What the Aquarium Reveals,” and  “Clowning Around.” Cover Art: “Sleep Theory.”
Read On:  “Miriam Kutner,”  “Dimensions,”  “Window to the Aviary,”  “Comparatively Speaking,”  “3 Pantone Poems,” and  “What the Lonely Know.” Cover Art: “Undulations.”
Read On:  “Winter Theatre,”  “Sand Wildflowers,”  “Maladaption,”  “Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her Name,” and “Velma Learns to Love the Woods.” Cover Art: “Ladies in Waiting.”

Read On:  “Went to Tennessee,”  “Chants d’Auvergne,”  “Winterberry,”  “Let the Strucken Deer Go Weep.” Cover Art: “New Mexico 19.”

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