This summer we’ve been moving and grooving so bad we decided to treat you with these sweet, sweet, recordings of some of our favorite readings from the summer issue. Like a fine wine we’ve paired the good and the great, the white with the ocean and the red with the steak. Take a juicy bite, turn the volume up to ten, and get ready to experience Permafrost 40.2.


Read On:  “Edward Simms, Inventor of the Chair,”  “After a difficult conversation, a walk,”  “Modern Cosmology,” “What the Aquarium Reveals,” and  “Clowning Around.” Cover Art: “Sleep Theory.”
Read On:  “Miriam Kutner,”  “Dimensions,”  “Window to the Aviary,”  “Comparatively Speaking,”  “3 Pantone Poems,” and  “What the Lonely Know.” Cover Art: “Undulations.”
Read On:  “Winter Theatre,”  “Sand Wildflowers,”  “Maladaption,”  “Velma Goes Away to a Small College Where No One Knows Her Name,” and “Velma Learns to Love the Woods.” Cover Art: “Ladies in Waiting.”

Read On:  “Went to Tennessee,”  “Chants d’Auvergne,”  “Winterberry,”  “Let the Strucken Deer Go Weep.” Cover Art: “New Mexico 19.”

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